What to Expect From B2B Content Marketing: Part 1

What to Expect From B2B Content Marketing: Part 1

Your first steps to developing a content marketing strategy.

A solid content marketing strategy can deliver significant benefits to B2B organizations over time. In developing your content marketing strategy, keep your goals in mind. Over the next few weeks we’ll discuss some expectations of a content marketing strategy. For now, here are two of the most important things you can realistically expect to achieve.

Position yourself as a leader

Content marketing offers B2B companies a short-term opportunity that’s worth considering: Not many B2B organizations are using social media yet. This advantage will diminish as more companies dive in, but those who move forward with a strategic campaign now have a unique chance to gain ground before the rest of the industry catches on. More importantly, you’ll be top of mind when readers and customers are ready to buy.

Build credibility and accessibility

These are two of the most powerful benefits social media and content marketing can provide. They’re also the reasons why great content marketing doesn’t make overt sales pitches. When people think your only interest is to sell them something, they’ll quickly tune your message out. However, providing a useful and relevant sample of your expertise and making that’s easily accessible at the user’s choosing builds trust and credibility incrementally over time.

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