What to Expect From B2B Content Marketing: Part 2

What to Expect From B2B Content Marketing: Part 2

Your next steps in developing a content marketing strategy.

In this short series, we’re exploring the real and significant benefits B2B organizations can expect from a solid content marketing strategy. Each week we’ll be exploring some aspects you can incorporate into your content marketing strategy. Missed last week’s edition? Click here to read Part 1.

Better-qualified prospects

The Internet has changed the way people make buying decisions, both in the B2C and the B2B spaces. Today’s buyers have access to a world of information–from Consumer Reports to trusted bloggers to online product reviews–which they use to do more of their own research before they speak to a salesperson.

A consistent, customer-focused content plan uses this trend to your advantage. The prospects who come to you will be better qualified, better educated about what you offer, and more prepared to close. Best of all, they’ll be calling you rather than answering cold calls from your sales team.

Advantages in vertical market targeting

Creating content for a specific vertical market gives you a leg up over the competition in your efforts to win business. Producing content for a vertical audience will help educate your sales and marketing team, giving them a stronger understanding of their buyers’ needs and suggesting ways your offerings might be customized more effectively.

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