What to Expect From B2B Content Marketing: Part 3

What to Expect From B2B Content Marketing: Part 3

Three more benefits to anticipate.

In this short series, we’re exploring the real and significant benefits B2B organizations can expect from a solid content marketing strategy. Check out earlier segments with these links: Part 1 | Part 2

The ability to stretch your marketing dollars

Customized content that is relevant to your market can be leveraged to support other sales efforts. For example, we recently created a white paper for a client that caters to the financial market. Shortly after it was released online, they also used it as an addendum to a presentation to a large financial prospect.

Stronger support for your sales and marketing team

Your sales and marketing team is always looking for new reasons to check in with their clients and prospects. An ongoing supply of fresh content that’s relevant to their audience gives them more go-to-market “currency,” generating more opportunities for them to initiate selling conversations.

Enhanced visibility and reach

Publishing regularly on your chosen social media channels, your websites and other online sources is a proven way to expand the reach of your message. Regular content updates are also one of the best strategies available for increasing search engine rankings — one that doesn’t lose effectiveness despite the hundreds of modifications that happen to search engine algorithms every year.

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