What to Expect from B2B Content Marketing: Part 4

What to Expect from B2B Content Marketing: Part 4

What to expect from social media marketing.

In this short series, we’re exploring the real and significant benefits B2B organizations can expect from a solid content marketing strategy. Check out earlier segments with these links: Part 1|Part 2|Part 3

New lead generation from “likes,” “forwards” and “pins”

Publishing content on a regular schedule keeps you visible to your best prospects. Consider your content as frequent reminders of who your company is and what it can offer to your audience. These reminders can help shorten the sales cycle and make it easier for you to close deals.

A related benefit is that good content doesn’t just excite the interest of the people on your mailing list. Write a piece that speaks to the heart of your readers’ needs and they’ll quickly share it with friends and colleagues. You’ll know you’re gaining momentum when you start to attract readers and prospects you wouldn’t otherwise have found.

More innovative and timely marketing

Social media and content marketing are ongoing commitments that continually require new content. Keeping the pipeline full motivates you to become innovative about what you say and what you do. It also helps you leverage your marketing communications, finding ways to deliver complimentary messages through multiple channels. Tracking the results of these efforts will help you optimize future messaging by highlighting which channels and strategies produce the strongest results.

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