Glass Blowing Workshop

Glass Blowing Workshop

Can you think of a more fun and artistic way for a creative firm to spend their office Christmas party than glass blowing? This year, that’s exactly what we did. We went to Ignite Studios – both a friend and a client of Paragraphs – to try our hands at the beautiful and intricate art of glass blowing. (Paragraphs developed both the name and visual brand identity for Ignite Studios, so it was a real treat to experience the space, the people and the process from a customers’ perspective.) Under the skillful guidance of Ignite’s incredible glass artisans, we created beautiful glasses, bowls and the most decorative paper weight you’ve ever seen!

Glass bowls and other blown glass items.
Some finished glass products from our event at Ignite.

A few of our finished products! Ta-Da!


Rolling heated glass into color crystals
Choosing color.
Cary trying his hand at blowing glass
Cary trying his hand at blowing glass!

Happy new year everyone!

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