Do You Know What Makes Your Global Healthcare Buyers Different?

Do You Know What Makes Your Global Healthcare Buyers Different?

Why branding Americano style won’t do for all the coffee in China.

This post is the third in a series covering 5 Global Branding Traps that can make or break any international healthcare brand. (Click here to discover Trap #1 and Trap #2.

The American way has inspired many healthcare brands, both domestic and foreign. But as many healthcare companies can tell you, it’s worth making the effort to find the right balance between U.S. and regional practice. The reason why is at the heart of Trap #3:

Global Branding Trap #3: “What works in the U.S. will work everywhere.”

Think about the most passionate coffee lover you know. If you were that person (perhaps you already are), what would you say if a foreign company came barreling into town with a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign encouraging you to replace your morning java with prune juice? Would you take that company seriously?

That’s why Starbucks didn’t try to make Asians give up tea. Walk into one of their stores in Japan—or Morocco, Argentina, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Switzerland, or any of the other 62 countries they do business in—and you’ll likely find brews unknown to most Americans. (Want a Za’atar croissant with that Red Bean Frappuccino? Get an eye-opening look at how Starbucks blends regional tastes without watering down their unique brand identity here.)

From a healthcare perspective, a related but more important factor is this: the people to whom you market drugs, devices, and medical services to in the U.S. are very different from those you’ll encounter worldwide. In many countries you’ll be dealing with government representatives who have very different needs and motivations than the hospitals and GPOs you deal with back home.

You’ll find more insights about the best way to leverage “Made in America” assets—plus full details of all 5 Global Branding Traps—in our first parathink briefing: Meeting 21st Century Challenges to Global Healthcare Brands. Click here to get your free copy.

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