New Healthcare Naming Strategies That Sell—Part 2

New Healthcare Naming Strategies That Sell—Part 2

Good brands borrow. Great brands redefine.

Competition for healthcare names that follow the “what it is/what it does” formula has become so intense that creative marketers are turning to new strategies. We covered the first of these in last week’s blog. Here’s another that’s working for leading healthcare brands today:

Strategy #2: Reorient or re-appropriate

If someone says the word “Apple,” there’s a good chance you’ll think of an iconic technology brand before a crunchy round fruit, even if you’re a hardcore PC user. Simple, common words, even without changes to spelling, can be redefined by design, marketing, and branding into distinctive assets that represent their own culture, make the brand memorable and create a user affinity completely different from their original meaning.

This strategy has been extremely successful in the Internet age, not only for Apple, but for, Monster energy drink, and many others. These B-to-C lessons can be adapted and applied in the B-to-B healthcare space as well. If you can’t brand specifically to the benefit you’re reaching for, look for common words that can be taken out of context and redefined by savvy marketers. The opportunities that today’s connectivity offers—via social media and other channels—to reach your target audiences and shape brand perception and buying preference have never been greater.

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