Our work in the hospitality industry established a global sustainability campaign.

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The Situation

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is one of the global leaders in the hospitality industry with 679 properties in 54 companies as of 2016. In addition to being recognized for offering their guests first-class service at exceptional properties around the world, Hyatt wanted the company to be recognized for its corporate sustainability efforts as well: The brand Hyatt Thrive was born to encompass all ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Paragraphs’ Hospitality Industry Strategy

Hyatt needed a Sustainability Strategy, v 2.0 and enlisted Paragraphs to help with the vision, creation and deliver. Goals need to be appropriate, aspirational and attainable across multiple target performance areas. Literature materials needed to be easy to ready and drive more than 95,000 employees to action.

Hyatt Thrive video playing on laptop screen from hospitality industry sustainability campaign

“A Sustainable Plan for a Sustainable Planet” was born.

Final Results

“A Sustainable Plan for a Sustainable Planet” was launched summer of 2015, with metrics placed to track effectiveness of meeting goals year after year, region by region.