The Importance of Artistic Consistency in Branding

The Importance of Artistic Consistency in Branding

A consistent identity helps promote long-term success.

We live in a world of visual mediums. More people are watching something on TV rather than reading it in a book. But one of the appeals of reading is consistency. You could open up a book, and whether or not you knew how the story was going to end, you at least knew how to properly read and understand the story. The same thing happens when you notice a brand. Branding is an art that requires many elements to work together. Like writing, branding tells a story, and any deviation from that story will confuse the market and disrupt business. Brand artistic consistency is more than just how you design a logo. It is a strategy for keeping identical ideas and feelings moving throughout your business. As a creative agency, we carry a few methods for how to keep artistic consistency within a company’s brand.

Consistent Messages

How do you recognize a brand? It is more than just the logo; it is the beliefs that the market feels towards the business. These beliefs manifest themselves through the company’s design, advertising, and ultimately their service. So in order to grow your brand, you need a consistent topic throughout the design, service and advertising. What is that topic? What does your company stand for? Does it stand for freedom, innovation, dependency or something else? It should not only be the reason the company exists, but it should be the reason clients trust your service among others.

Consistent Identity

Once you have that topic, our creative agency will help you establish that topic into the personality of the design, service and advertising. Let’s say that the topic is “strength” and that your business is making leather jackets. The jackets should not only be strong, but they should also appear strong. The people need to believe that they are durable just by looking at them and make the wearer look strong as well. This leads into the service, since word will spread of the reliability of the jackets. For the advertising, the design of the logos, commercials and aesthetic should all give a feeling based on strength and durability.

If you’re not sure about the consistency of your identity, it’s time to conduct a brand audit.

Creative Agency for a Lasting Identity

The strength of the jackets will soon become the general identity of your brand. However, that will only work as long as you maintain the topic of strength. Brands can adjust as the times change. But the one thing that remains consistent for fifty year-old brands is the topic. So what is yours? Once we find that out, our creative agency will help you establish your identifying topic throughout your brand for everyone to see. Give us a call at 312.828.0200.

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