The Importance of Color Choice in Your Logo

The Importance of Color Choice in Your Logo

Different colors convey different meanings.

If you’ve ever painted a room, you know how picking the right color to achieve the mood you want is critically important. Now, consider how important color is when you are creating your company’s logo. It’s the single-most important and most visible brand asset you have. When done correctly, it will relay your brand’s identity and brand story upon a glance. 

Make sure you are thoughtful and strategic in choosing your colors—because what color you pick can send very different (and perhaps, unintended) messages. While colors can have additional meanings in different cultures, here’s an overview of commonly used logo colors and the advantages that come with each.


Green is the easiest color for your eye to process, making it conducive to feelings of relaxation and serenity. Found in the middle of the color spectrum—the “G” of ROYGBIV—green is also associated with money in the United States and environmental awareness/practices.


A “hot color” in recent years, orange can be a bit aggressive.  You tend to see orange used in new technology companies or industries.  It attracts the eye, provides energy and also tends to prompt a call to action.  Look out for buttons that prompt you to start something or buy something and take note of their color.  Orange will come up more often than you realize.


Professional, sleek and signifying luxury, a predominantly black logo typically indicates class and distinction.  Its power, especially when used in opposition to white, creates a tension in design that is interesting and enticing. Virtually all colors can complement and work well with black.


You’ve probably heard the term “true blue” at some point in your life, and even if you haven’t, blue and honesty are entities that tend to be associated with one another. Blue in your logo induces feelings of trust and peace, which is why you’ll see blue used in logos of companies that strive to appear trustworthy, such as healthcare providers and insurance agencies.


Unfortunately, our society has yet to evolve past the point of “pink is for girls,” so be careful when choosing to use pink in your logo.  It automatically makes your business seem tailored to women and young girls, which can be off-putting if that isn’t how you’d like to brand yourself.


We’ve been conditioned throughout most of our lives to see red as alarming.  It indicates something urgent that demands our immediate attention.  Seeing the color red is shown to increase heart rates and activate your brain’s fight-or-flight response.  It also has been proven to stimulate appetites, which is why red is also a popular restaurant color.  If you want to grab attention, red is the right color to use.


Yellow, perhaps reminding us of sunshine, is widely viewed as optimistic, happy and youthful.  Like red, yellow’s brightness is used to grab the attention of passersby, but demands less urgency and feels much more serene.

We’ve only scratched the surface on the science of color and its impact on consumer behavior. Taking a strategic approach in choosing colors is highly advisable, as is working with an established developer of successful brand identities for more than 35 years. Call Paragraphs at 312.828.0200 to see what color might look best on you and your brand!

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