Why You Should Consider Investing in Brand “Swag”

Why You Should Consider Investing in Brand “Swag”

Let others do your marketing for you.

When you’re first starting your business, money can be tight… Very tight. It takes months, even years for companies to start being profitable. That’s why it’s all the more difficult to resist the temptation to cut corners and be cheap. However, when you’re just starting out, you need to be likable, and as far as likable goes in terms of businesses, free stuff is just about as likable as you can get. Giving away products will increase awareness of your brand, and encouraging employees to wear merchandise will help in solidifying and proliferating your success.

Incentive for Employees

Providing employees with your company’s swag is a small, but powerful incentive. Not only do they feel like they’re getting more than just their paycheck, but it makes them feel like more of a member of the team, which incentivizes them to work harder for you. Employees who can proudly wear company swag will display it to their friends and encourage them to use your company as well. A good relationship with employees is obviously always necessary when running a business, but making sure that that great relationship carries to the rest of the public can really be a game changer.

Incentive for Future Customers

You’re walking down the street and a person stops you and gives you a flyer for their dog walking business. What do you do? It’s likely that you either a) deny the flyer, or b) politely take the flyer, and then throw it away in the nearest trash can. That is ineffective marketing! Here’s an alternative scenario: you’re walking down the street and a person stops you and gives you a baseball cap with a puppy on it and gives you a flyer about their business. Aren’t you more likely to read this flyer? When you offer people free things, it is a kind gesture, and in return most people will actually take the time to get to know what your company is about rather than just shrugging you off. You’re doing them a solid and they want to return the favor.

Company merchandise can be expensive, and the decision to invest in it should definitely be discussed before any choices are made, but doing the necessary research to see if giving away swag is the right move for your company can be an invaluable turning point in your profit margins. 

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