Crossing Demographics: Keeping Your Brand Inclusive

Crossing Demographics: Keeping Your Brand Inclusive

Keep your brand inclusive to hit all possible audiences. 

Branding is more than just logos and advertising; it is the cultivation of the emotion that you want associated with your brand. One of the many things to consider when evaluating your brand is, “Do the public feel that this brand is for them?” Notice how some fans relate so heavily to certain artists. They experience their work and think “That is for me. I relate to this and can project my own experiences onto this work.” There is nothing wrong with marketing to a specific demographic. However, if you want your business to have multi-demographic appeal, then you are going to have to broaden the reach of your brand. Here is some advice when it comes to staying inclusive with your branding.

Think Outside the Box

A great way to expand your brand appeal is to do more than just try to appeal to one demographic. Depending on your service, there may be only some demographics that won’t fit your company’s goal (i.e. children might not be interested in a lawn-mower company). However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other demographics that can be reached. Take a look through your company’s current branding, and see what demographics do and don’t pop up. Although your company may very well be inclusive to all peoples, there may be some cultures or creeds that are unintentionally left out in the marketing plan. Look through your company’s current marketing materials. See what demographics aren’t reflected. Maybe there are more men than women appearing in your ads. Try putting some more women in there. Maybe there are only one or two races in your posters. Try putting in some more racially diverse models. It’s not about pandering; it’s about allowing everyone to imagine themselves as a potential buyer of your brand.

Small Fixes, Big Payoff

These are small adjustments, but ultimately they help break down a subconscious barrier between the brand and the clients. The only people who don’t care for your brand are the ones that your company’s service is not for. The most successful food and drink services are now iconic because they are simple, yet inclusive enough to be accepted into any neighborhood, social status, or culture. Will your brand be as universal?

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