How to Keep Your Brand Fresh

How to Keep Your Brand Fresh

Make sure your brand stays modern. 

It’s important to have a strong and clear brand but consistency does not equate to monotony. The best brands are the ones that are able to refresh the message and update the look and feel every so often while still staying true to the core brand. Here are some ways you can keep your brand fresh, reignite interest in your company and demonstrate your brand marketing ingenuity all at the same time.

Engage with the Public

For a brand to continue being successful, its brand promise must continue to resonate with target audiences. Even the most successful brands can go through periods where connecting with their customer bases is a challenge. Disruptive events such as a new competitor entering the market, a demographic shift or an emerging market trend all could change the way your brand is perceived. How do you know if you’ve slipped off track?  There is nothing wrong with engaging in discussion with your customers and asking them what you can do better. In fact, it’s often the best way to fix what’s broken today and anticipate what will make them happy in the future. Keeping in contact with your customers and having them tell you what they want directly will prove invaluable to keeping your brand on track.

Put a New Twist on a Current Trend

People have a natural curiosity and affinity for things that are new and growing in popularity. This is how new ideas can quickly turn into trends— when customer adoption is rapid and enthusiasm is widespread. Consider trends you are seeing in your marketplace and in the wider consumer world.  How might you leverage these and present them in an innovative way for your customers? Understanding what the public expects of other companies but delivering that value in a differentiated way will make your brand more accessible, more memorable and, ultimately, more successful.

Take (Reasonable) Chances

Consistently meeting customer expectations and fostering consistency in your communications are important for cultivating your brand, because you are simultaneously cultivating trust among your customer base. Having said that, you can’t confuse giving the people what they want and giving the people what they’ve seen a million times before are not the same thing. From the base value of your brand, don’t be afraid to push the envelope a bit. Our experience says people will respect your ingenuity and creativity. And, if you build in the capacity for customer feedback, they’ll happily guide you to what works and what doesn’t.

For marketers and consumers, change can be scary—especially once you’ve found your brand’s “groove”—and it can be a very difficult decision to make any alterations to it. However, evolution is necessary for staying relevant and interesting to the public.

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