4 Ways to Make Sure Your Brand Keeps Its Promises

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Brand Keeps Its Promises

Healthcare brands create strong consumer expectations. Are you fulfilling them?

Every brand makes a promise to potential buyers, but following through on these promises is especially critical in the healthcare space. If I take your pill, I expect to get relief. Whether you deliver or not, I’m going to tell others about my experience.

When you can engage your customers so that they become invested in your brand, they not only become your advocates and ambassadors. In some ways they also become caretakers of your brand because its promise resonates with them. Therefore it’s vitally important to make sure you remain authentic and true to your brand promise, whether you’re launching something new or updating an existing asset.

To make sure you stay on target with your customers, use the “Four Cs” when crafting your message:

1. Who are you as a Company?

Before you reach out to your buyers, knowing who you are and where you’re going is very important. If you’re a 100-year-old company the rules might be different than if you’re a new startup trying to break into the market or become a fast follower.

2. What are my Competitors doing?

How is your competition positioning itself? What do their brands look like? What brand vocabulary and naming conventions are they using relative to you? How are you differentiated from them? What’s experience and expectations do buyers have with your competitors? How can you be different?

3. What Category am I participating in?

This “C” is one of the most important in healthcare. Are you breaking into an existing market segment, refreshing an established position, or creating something completely new? For example, you might be able to push the envelope a bit more when you’re dealing with an alternative to Band-Aids than you could if you’re dealing with oncology drugs.

4.  Are there any special Circumstances I need to consider?

Where are you in the life cycle of your product, brand, or industry? Do you have a new, game-changing technology, product, or service that is going to change the dynamic of your company, competition, or category? How will circumstances factor into your strategy today, and what else do you have coming down the pike? Could this brand create extensions like a line of consumables, a mobile application, or a published book?

Crafting your promise is never a one-size-fits-all exercise, and each brand’s process will depend on your unique situation and market terrain. Keep the four Cs in mind, however, and you’re far more likely to make your brand experience authentic and relevant to your buyers…and encourage their repeat business.

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