New Year’s resolutions to make your marketing better.

Happy 2018!

A new year is always full of “new possibilities” and is seen as an opportunity to start fresh. And according to History, this tradition dates back to ancient times:

  • The Babylonians made promises to their gods to pay off debt and return borrowed objects
  • Romans promised to act well during the coming year and offered their god Janus sacrifices
  • Christians viewed the new year as a time to reflect on previous mistakes and resolve to be better

Today we make personal resolutions to lose weight, eat better, or travel more and often. But have you ever made professional resolutions? If not, let 2018 be the year you resolve to grow professionally.

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing Professionals

This year, make resolutions that will help you grow as a marketing professional. Here are some of our suggestions:

Conduct Regular SEO Audits

 If you focus solely on SEO, an SEO audit should already be second nature. But if you’re the type of marketing professional who wears multiple hats—managing the social media, the blog, and the website—then this resolution is for you.

An SEO audit is a check on your website’s performance. It looks at how it’s doing in terms of search, looks for anything that’s broken (such as links), and ensure you’re using the best practices. While it’s best to conduct an audit every quarter, if you don’t have the time or resources, you can conduct one twice a year. 

Attend Networking Events

 What better opportunity to grow professionally and meet new people than at a networking event? If you haven’t attended any in the past years but have always considered it, now is your time! It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals, and you never know where these new relationships might lead. But networking events aren’t only for meeting people; they’re an opportunity to learn something new.

Take the Adobe Summit, for instance. This digital marketing conference offers keynote speeches and breakout sessions. Or the Content Marketing Conference, where content markets converge and learn about specific types of content marketing.

Continue Your Education

In addition to attending some networking events and conferences throughout the new year, hone your skills or learn a new one through self-education. Lynda offers a variety of courses in Software Development, Design, Business, and more. Skillshare is another online learning community and features classes in Writing, Film, and Technology.

And this year, venture outside your comfort zone. Have you always wanted to learn how to draw, but it’s not part of your daily job? Go for it anyway. The challenge of trying something new and the skills you gain along the way will easily translate into your role.

Subscribe to (and Read) a Daily Newsletter

How many emails and newsletters do you get each day that you immediately trash without even opening? Unsubscribe to everything in which you have no interest and have never even opened. Then, choose one or two to keep (or find one or two you actually might read), and commit to reading these daily—even if it’s just skimming the email or reading one article.

By clearing up your email and focusing on one or two newsletters that are of direct interest to you, you won’t feel so overwhelmed and can start your day out with new information.

Resolve to Grow Professionally

Like fresh, untouched snow or the blossoming of a flower, there is something serene in a clean slate and new beginnings. Add in one or two resolutions for your professional life and see where the year takes you!

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