B2B Marketing Tactic Trends in 2015

B2B Marketing Tactic Trends in 2015

What to anticipate in 2015.

As a B2B marketer, you know you need to use social media. It must be part of your overall marketing mix in order to ensure brand awareness and engagement. There are so many avenues for content development, how do you decide what works for you? What should you invest time and money into developing? And, how are you going to “feed the pipeline” consistently in order to ensure you are effectively implementing a social media strategy?

A recent study of B2B marketers’ shows social media trends for 2015. From blogging, white papers, articles, videos, online presentations, micro sites, e-newsletters, case studies and more—how will you get it all done? Will you curate copy or will you develop original content? Beyond creating all of the copy… how will you visually and emotionally engage your audiences? Will you use illustration, photography, infographics? Will it be original or will you select stock? How will you deliver the content? How will you know if it is being read? Is the content generating interest? How do you measure the ROI?


The most used B2B content marketing tactics in 2015


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