Marketing Trends for Chicago Businesses

Marketing Trends for Chicago Businesses

Marketing trends in sweet home, Chicago.

Being a Chicago-based marketing and strategic branding agency, Paragraphs gets a front-row seat to all of the marketing trends that make their way through the city. Learning from these trends can help prepare one for the future. You can choose to follow or break from the trends. Either way, with the New Year finally here, we would love to share with you some of the trends that we have learned can help you with your Chicago business.

Get Personal

Making marketing personal, even “hyper-personal,” as they’re calling it, is the new frontier. Recommendation technology is changing the way people get introduced to brands. Predictive algorithms allow brands to get their message out there in front of highly targeted audiences like never before. This micro-targeting technique increases click-through-rates for e-mail campaigns, social media ads, and product recommendation software.

Due to a measured drop in people’s attention spans, the race to get more meaningful information in front of the right eyes is on. In a city like Chicago, where attention is vied for in both public and personal spaces, making sure your marketing efforts are highly targeted is critical. Technology is allowing us marketers to gain more valuable insight than ever before, so the use of these kinds of technologies will definitely increase.

Fast-Paced Advertising

Be clear with your advertising. Show them the essential content. Everyone in Chicago is bustling trying to get from one priority to the next in a world that is more fast paced and ad-saturated than ever. In order for your brand to become their next priority, you will need to advertise it clearly, quickly and with impact. If it takes a while for you to get to your point, people will simply move on. They just don’t have the time. Whether it is a commercial, poster, or article, the piece of advertising needs to be upfront as to why anyone should stop and pay attention.

Be Mobile

Expanding upon the last point, people are constantly moving in a place like Chicago. So your brand will suffocate if it doesn’t move with them. No matter what your business is, finding its place on the mobile web is hugely important. Making your marketing strategies mobile-friendly was huge in 2016- if people can’t access your website, banner ad, social profile or other digital marketing platforms, they will skip it with no remorse. Make sure the effort you put into the design of your branding materials is matched by its visibility.

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