Marketing to Millennials: What You Should Know

Marketing to Millennials: What You Should Know

How to market to the generation of social media.

The millennial generation has taken social media to a whole new capacity. A millennial can buy a new summer wardrobe, find a date for later in the evening and complete a full day of work within minutes thanks to their smart phones. In fact, 85 percent of millennials own smart phones in the United States so if you aren’t marketing your brand via mobile apps or somewhere online, you are missing a group of 80 million with the annual buying power of $200 billion.

 Studies have shown that millennials spend an average of 25 hours a week online. They share, like, tweet, pin, post, and snap whatever they find that intrigues them. The online community is a strong one and millennials try to keep their presence known.

In a way, millennials market and advertise for businesses they like—so you must make sure your business is at the forefront of their minds. How do you do this? By being authentic, original, and one of a kind. A millennial seems to buy from brands they trust. Speaking in a language and tone that they can relate to is winning over these consumers. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 will share content that sounds and feels like something that was spoken by their peers, and by them sharing information about your business, that is how a relationship is built.

Millennials today want to be educated and are more likely to trust experts. They are influenced by blogs and social networking sites so if you are not marketing yourself on these types of outlets, you are not reaching this demographic. Young consumers research and browse before making a purchase more than most of the other generations. They have the resources to educate themselves on what they are spending money on, and which product would be best for them. Educating your consumers is crucial when marketing and promoting your brand.

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