Modern Platforms for Marketing: BuzzFeed

Modern Platforms for Marketing: BuzzFeed

Generate buzz with BuzzFeed.

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any number of other digital marketing tools, keeping up with all of the social media accounts for your business can get very overwhelming. Social media is a fantastic tool in spreading your brand awareness and interacting with your customer base, but daily tweets, posts, pins and link sharking end up feeling more like nagging obligations than a new and exciting way to reach the public. BuzzFeed is one of the fastest growing social media and news websites in the world. Rather than having to gain followers and interact with them every day, an article, list, or quiz on BuzzFeed can gain a significant amount of attention fairly quickly. In this post, we want to teach you how Buzzfeed can save you time and win you customers.


Though informal, BuzzFeed is at least partially a news website. News, in this sense, encompasses many different topics, and new hot products or services to look out for can definitely be one of them. Having an article written about you on BuzzFeed can gain you tons of publicity, and you only have to do it once to have a huge impact! Anyone can submit to BuzzFeed, and you have just as much a chance as getting your information on the website as anyone!


You may have heard things on the Internet referred to as clickbait. The slang term generally means something with a title that is going to get people to click on it regardless of if the substance in that link is really worth reading. BuzzFeed is great at coming up with clickbait, and though pesky, it can funnel a lot of traffic to your website. Lists are great because they are easily digestible and their titles lend themselves to intriguing clickbait like “10 Ways That Outsourcing Your Marketing Can Save You Money.” Sneaky, huh?


This is a unique and exciting feature of BuzzFeed that can really help give your company some personality.  You can create your own quizzes. These can be personality quizzes that guide people to your product, for instance “What flavor of Coca Cola are you?” or even fun trivia quizzes about your company to raise brand awareness. This style of interacting with the public is fun, unique, and will help set your company apart from the competition.

Different forms of social media are being developed every day, and having a mastery of them and their capabilities early on is essential for running a successful marketing campaign. Stay up on the trends and use all of the resources you can!

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