Optimization in Action: Paxall Ltd.

Optimization in Action: Paxall Ltd.

Optimization at its finest.

One of the most satisfying aspects of our business is helping companies take a fresh look at how they can increase their business with what they already have. The case of Paxall Ltd. is an example of this optimization process at its finest.

Paxall Ltd. was a holding company for 18 companies that manufactured packaging equipment machinery. Each company was an independent subsidiary with different names, marketing efforts, and sales forces. Paragraphs was hired to create a corporate brochure to help Paxall Ltd. present themselves. After interviews were held with senior executives, we realized Paxall didn’t need a brochure—they needed to rethink how they went to market. Our research results led us to a complete restructuring and renaming of the corporation.

Optimization Strategy

By restructuring the organization, we created an opportunity to sell in marketing groups and thereby cross-sell all the equipment Paxall engineered. We created a corporate-dominant system with Paxall as the parent company. Each business unit was grouped by key industry targets—food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

This new architecture and nomenclature system unified the company under one corporate name while maintaining the heritage of the key corporate divisional names. A new corporate identity was established to present Paxall’s new face to all audiences. The logo conveyed the technical and engineering aspect of the packaging business—reflecting precision, proficiency, excellence, quality, and integration. Complete rollout and graphic standards were developed to educate both internal and external audiences alike. The integration of communications and marketing efforts saved Paxall unnecessary duplication of marketing dollars and led to better allocation of budgets for increasing external awareness.


By restructuring the sales organization/process and integrating the company’s complementary businesses under one common banner, Paxall established credibility and visibility, increased sales and tripled market share. Where one business unit sold a piece of equipment, it was now selling three units to complete the line. Paxall tripled its business by redefining its “go to market” structure and enhancing the organization’s ability to cross sell into key vertical markets.

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