The Ultimate Optimization: Creating Positive Change

The Ultimate Optimization: Creating Positive Change

Make sure changes to your organization are beneficial for the organization, stakeholders and employees.

Every organization that takes on the challenge of optimization asks the question, “Is this really going to be worth it?” We know the answer is yes because time and time again we’ve watched organizations go in kicking and screaming, only emerge on the other side saying “why didn’t we do this years ago?” We’ve seen entire companies filled with demoralized employees discover new-found faith in their organizations because their leadership had the courage to made the commitment, stick to the plan, and create positive change.

Inspiring stories like these are particularly important to organizations that have tried optimization only to have the process fall short of expectations. Several of the companies we’ve worked with recovered dramatically from false starts and went on to great success.

Sometimes it’s more work to get buy-in for a second shot at improving a company, but once it’s clear that a commitment has been made and good things are happening, the floodgates of support and momentum can open practically overnight. Our experience suggests that the best way to get to this point is to have a single team—internal or external—empowered to handle analysis, strategic planning, and recommendations. These are three different arts, but whoever takes on the challenge needs to be a master of all of them.

As discouraging as a past failure might be, trying to improve is still the right thing to do. Innovators don’t always get everything right the first time. Most achieve greatness by trying new things until they succeed.

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