Optimization For Growth—You Really Can Afford It

Optimization For Growth—You Really Can Afford It

View optimization costs as an investment.

Over the years we’ve helped businesses of every size change for the better by improving the efficiency of their sales and marketing teams. We’ve also noticed that companies get the most out of optimization when they don’t buy into common objections—which sometimes appear the moment you decide it’s time to reach for a bigger vision.

The most common objection that stalls a great optimization plan is “we can’t afford it.” Unfortunately, focusing on cost creates a false mentality that growth and improvement are an expense rather than an investment. If your organization is stuck, failure to change is going to cost you sooner rather than later. In fact, the things that are holding you back now will probably be a lot more expensive to correct later.

Often the real fear isn’t the money, but the risk in making changes to optimize your company. “Risk” may be a four-letter word, but there’s also no other way to achieve industry-leading success. And in a world as competitive as ours, inaction is often a much bigger risk than action.

Smart companies take a strategic approach to risk by getting as much information as possible before diving in. We’ll talk more about how to do this in upcoming posts, but suffice to say that if you talk to your customers—and your own people—you may discover that the most dangerous risk you’re taking is sticking with what you’re doing now. Your changes won’t be leaps of faith: They’ll be informed decisions backed by research.

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