The Winter Season is Way More Than “White”

The Winter Season is Way More Than “White”

Get past “winter white.”

Winter, is it more than just snow and hot chocolate? Are there colors we can look forward to more than the cold, dirty and depressing gray of roadside snow mounds? Of course there is. And thank you to Pantone for breathing a little colorful life into our winter of discontent.

Pantone's color of the year for 2016, Serenity (a blue purple) and Rose Quartz (a salmon pink).

Did you know that Pantone chooses a “color of the year” each and every year? This year, Pantone chose two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is what you’d imagine: a salmon pink that looks smooth and flat like a rose petal. Serenity is a blue/grey shading towards purple—like the flowers of a blue hydrangea. Both colors are softer in composition and intend to reflect human connection and wellness. They brought a shock to the design community, by choosing two colors instead of one, in hope to bring greatness throughout the year.

Last year’s color of the year was Marsala. It was a burgundy color that trended with both men and women across the world.

Marsala, Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year, a deep wine red.

Why so much fuss about colors? Scientists have long suspected that colors influence our lives more than we realize. Color can shape our mood, our appetite – even our buying decisions. Of course, we all have our own personal style and I think it’s safe to say Pantone plays a significant role in those decisions. Pantone colors are the base of all seasons’ whether it is in design, fashion, or nature.

I choose to take a break at least once a week to observe everything around me: people, scenery, life going by. If you can this wintry season, stop and take a look around. What colors do you see? And how do they make you feel? Prepare to be amazed.

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