Paragraphs Designs for Non-Profit Chicago Chapter of NIRI

Paragraphs Designs for Non-Profit Chicago Chapter of NIRI

As active and long-time members of the Chicago Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), Paragraphs was once again honored to pitch-in for some exciting web communication work. As the new annual report season kicks off, NIRI’s role in educating and informing their audiences is critical to their communications initiative. Paragraphs worked with NIRI to design a new and exciting digital banner for their 2012 workshop series: E3 — Educate, Engage, Energize. Working with clear typography and a vibrant color palette resulted in a fun web banner that has improved click rates dramatically.


NIRI 2012 Web Banner
NIRI Web Banner for 2012 Workshop: “E3 — Educate, Engage, Energize”


After this project was completed, NIRI then came to us to redesign their monthly newsletter’s masthead. Focusing on the idea of “communication” and “connection,” Paragraphs created an eye-catching design that is clear and memorable.

Because we are always very passionate about working with forward-thinking organizations that fuel Chicago’s community, both of these banners were exciting projects for Paragraphs. To see our work live, please visit

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