As everyday business transactions transition to the digital realm, your company’s website— specifically, its visuals and the story it tells—serves as the key to your success. With the Paragraphs team, you’ll stand out from your competition. We’ll help you re-think the way you do business.

As a proud Women Business Enterprise touting a vast array of awards, we have helped companies for over 30 years. Clients range anywhere from local small businesses in Chicago to large global companies. We offer services such as graphic design, marketing strategy, branding, traditional marketing, storytelling and digital marketing. Our team works to envision brand strategies that work for your company. We help build brand platforms to cultivate brands people love and earn clients visibility, engagement and respect from their target audiences.

Clutch, a widely-regarded B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, D.C., equips business buyers with data and insights to identify and hire their ideal service providers in areas like creative and digital, development and IT services. By providing this information, Clutch helps create business partnerships that are built to last. To rank thousands of companies from around the world, they examine companies’ services offered and the quality of their past and current work and clients. Most importantly, they evaluate companies’ services through client reference interviews that are created through phone calls and listed as verified, third-party reviews on companies’ profiles.

Paragraphs recently teamed up with Clutch to create these reviews, and we are excited to share the results with you! As a highly-ranked branding and design company on Clutch, we have had numerous clients wanting to share their experiences for you to see.

Paragraphs' listing on Clutch

“They make the job fun,” said the senior manager of a hospital products company. “They genuinely enjoy what they’re doing and it comes through in their work. Their clients get an authentic and enjoyable experience.” She continued, “[from a project management perspective], they don’t drop the ball. Working with agencies can be difficult at times if you aren’t on the same page, but I have never had that issue with Paragraphs. They understand the importance of using creative briefs to ensure that our expectations are in line and to give us confidence that they understand our needs.”

Another client, the global director for a large printing manufacturer, revealed, “They were instrumental in communicating our green initiatives in a quick and professional manner. The video turned out fantastic and so did the other materials. In response, people were excited about being environmentally safe. We’ve experienced increased participation in the program by all associates, which has allowed us to recycle more and continue to approach processes like packaging and waste from an environmental standpoint.”

Thank you to all of our fantastic clients! We love serving you and we can’t wait to provide even better services for you as we incorporate the new feedback from Clutch reviews.