Our approach at Paragraphs is simple: strategic insight combined with creative ingenuity produces brands that win. As a proud Women Business Enterprise, we’ve specialized in branding and corporate communications since 1984. Clutch.co recently recognized our work in crafting brands people love as they identified us as one of the leading boutique branding companies in the industry!

Clutch analyzes hundreds of companies across the globe based on companies’ thought leadership, the quality and breadth of their services, and their ability to deliver results to diverse clientele. Part of this analysis involves speaking directly with clients over the phone or gathering information via an in-depth online form.

Based on the reviews provided by our customers, we have been able to maintain a nearly perfect 4.9 out of 5 rating on the platform. While a number can only say so much, a recent project we did with an Illinois Healthcare Firm illustrates our high rating and our recognition as one of the best boutique branding agencies .

The Marketing Communications Manager of the firm was looking for digital marketing help. Paragraphs was able to lead a digital marketing effort that revamped the branding design of existing products, as well as provide materials like brochures, journal ads, and internal promotions. The manager found our process impressive, stating “they produce high-quality deliverables that reliably meet assignment expectations.” Adding, “Their proactive, yet casual approach to communication drives projects forward.”

Our amazing clients helped us become one of The Best Boutique Branding Agencies ranked by Clutch.