Strong visual branding can be a highly effective tool for leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Three days after hearing a message, consumers can only remember 10% of the information—but they remember over 65% of those messages when they’re accompanied by visuals! 

At Paragraphs, LLC, we’ve seen how compelling visuals can make all the difference for a business’s website. With our creative and strategic approach to branding, marketing communications and web design as a logical extension, we’re always striving to help companies communicate their unique and authentic identities to consumers. 

We’ve partnered with The Manifest, a B2B website that offers business news, step-by-step guides, and company rankings that potential buyers can use to look through service providers and find the best fit for their needs. We’re thrilled to be listed on The Manifest as a top branding company in Chicago.

We’re also featured on The Manifest’s partner site, Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform. We recently received positive reviews on Clutch recognizing our team’s superior skills and quality services. 

Many of our happy clients rely on our branding and marketing expertise on an ongoing basis. For example, we maintain a relationship with a logistics & supply chain company, working with them to continually enhance their brand positioning and marketing strategies. They recently gave us a five-star review that highlights our ability to deliver in a timely fashion and straightforward methods.

“The creativity, pace, quality and fair price are all in line with my expectations.”  Chief Commercial Officer, Logistics & Supply Chain Company

Another recent client of ours, a health specialty company, also awarded us five stars for helping them to update their logo and improve their website design. They praised our knowledgeable team, ability to achieve solid results, and our use of market research to find new advertising opportunities.

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“Paragraphs was extremely flexible in their approach and took feedback and changes to timing well. The entire team was easy to work with and very knowledgeable.” ~VP Marketing, Health Specialty Distributor

We love to hear our satisfied clients reflect on their experiences working with us. With so many web design and branding agencies out there, we’re grateful to our partners for letting us play a part in their successes. 

From strategy to digital advertising to branding, Paragraphs, LLC is here to help you address your business’s marketing needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can bring your company’s vision to life!