Our work in the energy industry to create an annual report that positioned the client as a core energy source.

Annual Report | Illustration | Messaging | Theme Development

The Situation

AGL Resources (now Southern Company Gas) was an energy services holding company based in Atlanta. Because the CEO was just named head of the Natural Gas Association, this annual report was integral to the positioning of AGL Resources and the CEO’s commitment to natural gas as a core energy source.

Our Strategy

The process began with internal and external research. Our goal was to tell a unique story for AGL, help make the case for natural gas and di­fferentiate them from the other energy players in the industry. We developed the theme around the question, “How can we fuel the energy needs of current and future generations?” Our answer was, “We’re Standing on the Solution,” a conceptual approach that was supported by facts and translated through illustration.

Charts and Graphs from the AGL Annual Report

Illustrated charts and graphs from the AGL annual report


Pages from the annual report

Pages from the AGL annual report


Illustration from the AGL annual report

Illustration for the AGL annual report


Final Results

The theme “We’re Standing on the Solution” was picked up and used almost immediately by the Natural Gas Association and has since become a common phrase. The illustration was so engaging, it was re-purposed in the AGL Resources CSR report.

For this work, we won many “best” and “first place” awards from LACP, Graphic Design USA, ARC, CA and more. The high scores for creativity and innovation helped us become the LACP 2010 Agency of the Year in the Americas.