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Campaign Development | Internal Branding and Messaging | Thematic Interior Concepts

Paragraphs was a great addition to our marketing team. We were already familiar with their award-winning creative work, but their record in building brands and motivating target audiences is just as exceptional. We’ve benefited enormously from incorporating their innovative thinking with our approach to new products, our customers and our channel partners… Their help in our internal branding process went far beyond my expectations… to the delight of our board and our employees…

Russell Hunt / President / Böwe Bell & Howell

The Situation

After 100 years in Chicago, Böwe Bell & Howell (now Bell & Howell) was moving. In addition to a change in physical location, the company was evolving and experiencing a cultural shift, one that needed to be understood by all levels of employees. Paragraphs was brought in to help conduct an internal re-brand.

Paragraphs’ Strategy

Paragraphs developed the “Great Minds Think Differently” campaign, which reflected both the goals and personalities of the organization. Böwe Bell & Howell is an organization of “serious fun” individuals, which let Paragraphs design a campaign that was able to excite and inspire. Interior changes brought the theme home and served as a reminder of the internal brand and messaging:

  • “Great Thinker” Conference Rooms: Conference rooms in the new building had quotes from and murals of works by or relating to great thinkers, including Georgia O’Keeffe, Richard E. Byrd and Pablo Picasso.
  • Energy Bar: This café features power bars and cappuccino machines to help energize employees through the day.
  • “Wonder Week”: The launch event for the new headquarters turned into an annual event, introducing fresh themes to continue to evolve and invigorate the whole organization.


Georgia O’Keeffe themed conference room.


Richard E. Byrd conference room.


Pablo Picasso themed conference room.

Final Results

The campaign was celebrated internally and worked so well that its energy migrated to customers and suppliers alike. This “little company who could” became a marketplace success!