Our work for a not-for-profit in the consumer goods industry to create a brand that conveyed a desire to provide work opportunities.

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The Situation

I am a Force4Good® is a not-for-profit brand that seeks to enhance the lives of women around the world and promote “Culture, Diversity & Beauty.” The organization was born out of a desire to provide women with an opportunity for work. This work came in the form of sourcing local materials and then crafting all-natural soaps and lotions, jewelry and one of a kind recycled soft goods such as purses, yoga bags, scarves and more.

Our Strategy

The tagline “Imagine the Impact” is brief but impactful: It challenges both retailers and consumers to think of the positive contributions they can make to the world when they act as a force for good. The imagery showcased women around the world, which immediately conveyed who stands behind I am a Force4Good and was balanced by straightforward product packaging and design.

Package design for soap from I am a Force4Good

Package design for soap

Final Results

I am a Force4Good has grown by employing US women to represent the products made by women around the world. The hope is that I am a Force4Good, through its online presence and strong demand, will continue to grow—providing more women a sustainable way to make a difference while supporting themselves and their families.