Our work in the technology industry focused on C-level marketing communication.

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The Situation

IBM Watson Health is a game changer. With several acquisitions, IBM Watson Health created a new type of healthcare company, capable of delivering unique value for their customers through data access, mining and interpretation. In today’s healthcare environment data is playing a critical role in helping to optimize patient care while increasing quality and lowering costs.

Paragraphs’ Strategy

With acquisitions creating ongoing changes in service capabilities and the evolving healthcare marketplace, IBM came to Paragraphs to help create marketing collateral that would speak directly to the C-Suite. With our in-depth experience in healthcare and our relationships with GPOs and hospital network administrators we knew what would resonate both from a creative, structural and delivery method.

Pages from the IBM Watson Population Health Management brochure

Within existing IBM Watson identity guidelines, we created differentiated marketing collateral that positioned the brand and explained the services at a high level with benefits and infographics which clearly conveyed the complex offerings. We also created a system which allowed for customization with a built in envelope/note directly addressed to the target and flexible inserts in the back which provided in-depth service and product descriptions.

Final Results

Since the first initiative was well-received, Paragraphs’ is currently in the process of developing another direct mail initiative to deliver this message to extended audiences in a unique packaged presentation.