Reinventing Your Brand: Three Do’s and Don’ts

Reinventing Your Brand: Three Do’s and Don’ts

To re-invent your brand or not? The Dos and Don’ts. 

Changing your brand can be a scary proposition but it is a necessary reality to keeping your brand strategically fresh. A brand is built upon dependable ideas, so why would you ever want to change those ideas—even a little? The fact is our world is constantly changing and companies can be left in the dust if they don’t continue to update their brand to be continually relevant. Here are three Do’s and Don’ts to consider when reinventing your brand.

Do Reinvent, but Don’t Change the Essence of the Brand

Whenever a company decides to send out a new message (whether it be a strategic goal, service position or product tagline), it has to make complete sense to the customer. It won’t work if you come up with a company goal that completely contradicts the goal that came before it. But it is perfectly fine to create a new goal that enhances the old one. This can show prospective customers that you do indeed care about their previous concerns, while still adapting to the needs of the future.

Do Be Different, but Don’t Be Unclear as to Why

It can get confusing when first announcing that you are going to be “tweaking” your brand. You have to be clear in your desire to change. However, you also have to make sure that the reason for your innovation is implicit in your announcement. You have to give your audience a clear reason as to why you want to change, and how they will benefit from it. If the reason makes sense, then customers will feel that the change is positive.

Do Make This for the Clients; Don’t Make This Just for Your Company

Quite often, a company will change its brand to make a statement to their internal audience or just because it feels a need to change. Customers are smart; they can tell when a brand is changing without their needs in mind. (Consider Instagram—the perfect iconic camera app icon which customers loved—became a non-descriptive icon customers couldn’t recognize. At the time of this writing, there was still a backlash going on and the company had not addressed their customers’ needs…)

The concerns of your customers must always be put first. In order for that to happen, your brand needs to be reinvented with them in mind. Done properly, there may not be much of a need for any explanation for the change. Your new brand identity will be in line with that of your customers and your brand’s evolution will be off and running.

The best thing we recommend for a brand re-invention is to be in line with the reason the company started in the first place. Never compromise the company’s essential values just to fit the changing times. Instead, let the changing times reveal how trustworthy and adaptable the company really is.

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