Save the Children — Moving Portraits from New Delhli

Save the Children — Moving Portraits from New Delhli

My 2012 fall photo travels were quite different this year. I flew 40,000 miles in one month from Hong Kong and New Delhi to Prague and Bavaria. Although our focus was on photographing patients the highlight of my trip was New Delhi. The colors, the smells, the air quality (or lack thereof), and the people were amazing and made the long flight well worthwhile.

While scouting Humayun’s Tomb*, I came across a local girl who was just enchanting.

I also had the unique opportunity of photographing Save the Children.  It was a slum in New Delhi where my client sponsored the healthcare mobile unit. The environment was indescribable. The poverty these families survive in is beyond description. Yet everyone I met was happy, smiling, cooperative, friendly, kind and warm. It was such a joy and such a privilege to be the photographer for this location. I think the photos say it all.

*Humayun’s Tomb is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in 1569 by Humayun’s widow Haji Begam. The architecture is Mugdal and was the first garden tomb (with causeways, pools and channels) on the continent. It actually inspired the building of the Taj Mahal 100 years later.

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