Helping companies make their mark, inside and out.

Just as a selfie doesn’t tell the whole story of you, a logo or a trademarked name does not tell the whole story of your brand—until you build it. As a strategic and creative discipline, branding is about helping your target audiences associate favorable attributes— and establish buying preferences—for your company, products, and services.

Building Brand Identity

As a branding agency, Paragraphs is focused on delivering creativity and insight that will position our clients to win big. The aim of our research based branding strategy is to create emotional connections between brands and their customers while staying loyal to the company’s core values. We achieve this by researching the competition and identifying opportunities for our clients to stand out.

Branding Your Logo Design

In our fast-paced digital culture, it’s more important than ever for  logo design to be unique, aesthetically pleasing, and accurately representative of a company. After all, a company’s logo is often the first brand element that a customer comes in contact with; in other words, a logo needs to convey a lot in a short amount of time. Our design team creates logos that reflect the most positive attributes associated with a brand.

Creating a Brand Strategy

Maintaining brand identity through a focused branding strategy is becoming increasingly relevant in the ever changing digital landscape that today’s consumers must navigate. Creating a strategy that keeps your company on brand across all mediums is the core branding strategy that Paragraphs implements in all of our campaigns.

Our core offering includes:

  • Naming
  • Identity/logos
  • Brand Strategy/ Platform Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Messaging/ Copywriting
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Launch programs

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