Digital Marketing

Creating memorable experiences you take with you.

You can’t get to where you want to go without attracting eyeballs and motivating fingertips wherever people are. More than ever, brands are mobile, portable and shareable. Creating a dynamic online presence, smart and sticky digital content and impactful digital experiences are no longer “nice to haves.” They are essential components in today’s successful brand platforms.

Digital Marketing Driven by Data

Smart brands know that having a powerful online presence is a must. Consumers not only turn to but rely on the internet for all sorts of information on brands and their services, and they’re not only looking to company websites; they’re looking at third party review sites and social media, as well. Cultivating a reputable and well branded online presence is practically mandatory. At Paragraphs, we understand the importance of creating a digital marketing strategy that is on brand and converts your digital efforts into sales.

Web Design & Development

Creating an eye-catching, informative, and fully responsive website is the foundation of a great digital marketing strategy, but getting people to visit that site is equally important. Web development must take into account the growing number of platforms designed for digital communication, which can be quite an overwhelming task for someone who doesn’t specialize in that field. A full service digital marketing agency like Paragraphs allows brands to focus on what they do best while getting them the digital exposure that they need.

Content Development

Creating a digital marketing strategy that involves great content development is a great way to get your brand the exposure it needs. Creating interesting and shareable content is what turns a passive online viewer into a brand loyalist. Creating engaging content development starts with creating real human connections, not auto-piloted social media posts that follow the same old trends. Paragraphs develops  unique and engaging content that garners real, genuine interest from savvy consumers who can identify a targeted ad from a mile away.

Our core offering includes:

  • Web Design
  • UI / UX
  • Web Development
  • Digital Content Development
  • Optimization

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