Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5: Smart Phone Match-Up

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5: Smart Phone Match-Up

With all this buzz going on about the new iPhone 5 and its capabilities, I couldn’t help but take notice of a Samsung’s campaign revival: The Next Big Thing is Already Here.

Going off of its previous campaign for the Galaxy SII, Samsung once again revisited iPhone users waiting in line, and updated their conversations to raise discussion points over what is exactly “new” with Apple’s latest smartphone. This mocking-style of advertising can be dangerous territory for a company, as it can easily come across as classless — tarnishing one’s reputation. However, if done correctly, it can be a clever and indirect way to remind consumers why your product is better than the competition.

In Samsung’s case, their commercial is working rather well, but it is their print campaign that may be taking the message too far. As pointed out by Digital Trends, the direct side-by-side comparison may be somewhat effective, but it raises questions to the corporate morality of Samsung (and insults the ever-loyal Apple fans).

It also pushes one to wonder if the new Galaxy SIII is only better on a spec level. Who is the consumer of the Galaxy smartphone? What is the culture associated with the product? Is it cooler? Is it more convenient for a mom on the go? Will it help me get to my meetings on time? Those are the types of questions that Samsung should be answering to build customer loyalty.

So yes, the current Galaxy SIII commercial is clever, and humorously raises some questions (while also upsetting diehard iPhone fans), but Samsung should be supporting their new product with a variety of advertisements that address the holistic reasoning behind purchasing their product.

Words to remember: A successful brand is based on culture, not comparison.

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