Using Social Media to Your Advantage: Instagram and Snapchat

Using Social Media to Your Advantage: Instagram and Snapchat

A closer look at how these popular platforms can help you market.

There are countless forms of social media to take advantage of for your digital marketing campaign, but today we’d like to focus on two that you may be familiar with, but may not know how to use to their full potential. Instagram and Snapchat are both forms of visual media, meaning that their primary means of posting are photographs. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, images can be extremely powerful tools for grabbing attention and holding it, as well as fostering a sense of personality and community among your customer base. Instagram and Snapchat are both extremely effective tools in digital marketing.


Instagram is, first and foremost, a great way to show off your product. Particularly if your product is specifically aesthetically pleasing, or if you can find a creative way to make it so, posting it to Instagram will allow consumers to see your artsy side. Instagram doesn’t necessarily have to showcase your product, but can feature related products, members of your company, or anything else that relates to your business and supports your brand in a positive way. Instagram is also an opportunity to showcase your personality through captions, hashtags, and what you choose to display. Instagram is a great form of social media because it has the ability to be publicly viewed, but also has the benefits that come from using a service that requires people to accumulate followers. By accumulating Instagram followers, you can more easily direct them to your other social media accounts and your website, as well as advertise your new products to a loyal customer base.


You can use Snapchat to your advantage in a variety of ways. The first, and most popular, is simply by creating an account.  By sharing your Snapchat account with your customers and others, they can choose to add your company, which will not only allow you to post stories (which will stay active for 24 hours) for them to look at at their leisure, but also communicate with clients directly.  They can Snapchat you with questions, pictures of themselves enjoying your product, and much more. You can also pay to have your very own Snapchat geo filter! While geo filters are typically reserved for denoting a specific area or region that someone might be in, geo filters can also be fun filters that alter a picture in some way that has to do with your product. For instance, when Snapchat was first starting to allow geo filter advertisements, Burger King made one that showed everyone in the picture with a crown. You can get as creative with this as you want, and it’s a great way to interact with your customers, present and future, in a fun and innovative way.

Social media platforms that allow for easily digested, relatable material is a great way to reach your customers. These media platforms in particular, which combine photography and text, afford you even more opportunities to show your personality and demonstrate the virtues of your products and services. For more information on how to balance your social media accounts and use them to their full potential, check out the rest of our posts under the “Digital Marketing” category.

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