Social Media Marketing: One Goal, Multiple Objectives

Social Media Marketing: One Goal, Multiple Objectives

Multiple paths to achieve the same goal.

While social media campaigns may only have one goal, multiple objectives should be defined to encourage results that can be measured across a variety of analytic categories. Building multiple objectives into your social media strategy gives you multiple roads to the same goal, increasing your opportunities for success.

Quality and relevance to your audience play a key role in this process. If the goal of your social media campaigns is to be the respected knowledge leader in your industry then your social media marketing should be the very best in your business. Speak specifically to your niche. What problem are you solving for your customers?

Don’t be afraid to hire a marketing agency to help you write or edit your story so it resonates with your customers. No matter how many different objectives you pursue, make sure your story is consistent across the entire marketing spectrum — follow a unified storyline.

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