Does Social Media Make Sense for Your B2B Environment?

Does Social Media Make Sense for Your B2B Environment?

Social media may be current, but don’t get swept up.

Like being caught in a strong yet invisible undertow, many B2B marketing people are feeling pulled into the rising tide of social media, often for seemingly compelling reasons like these:

  • Competitors are getting social (or at least talking about it). What if they get there first?
  • Up-and-coming tech-savvy executives are using sites like LinkedIn to grow profitable relationships.
  • High-profile social successes in the B2C space regularly grab headlines.
    • “Mad Men” characters posting on Facebook, the Weather Channel’s “Twitter Tornado” and viral videos like Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” are just a few recent campaigns that have attracted widespread publicity.

As the B2B world considers the potential benefits of social media, there’s also a strong feeling that “B2B is different.” And it is — in how B2B buying decisions typically are made, how many decision makers and influencers usually are involved, and the amount of information gathered before a final decision is reached.

B2C marketers have the advantage of selling to individuals, who can make buying decisions on impulse or based solely on their personal preference. By contrast, B2B sales frequently involve more than one decision maker, making the sales cycle slower, more deliberate and more involved.

Yet there’s one critical thing both these sales channels have in common: their goal is to get buyers to take action. Social media supports this process most effectively for B2B when it’s used intentionally and strategically, as one touch point of a larger content marketing plan. We’ll talk more about how they work together next week.

Watch for our newest parathink briefing—Social Media for B2B: Is it the wave of the future or a colossal waste of cash?—to be released next week. You’ll find a download link on the website.

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