When should you post to get the most eyes on your social media content? 

The internet is buzzing with information and everybody is vying to capture the attention of the right people, especially digital marketers. When we put all of our creative energy into making something we’re proud of, we want it to be seen!

There is a golden rule in life and in marketing: There’s a right time for everything. Capturing that perfect moment in time is what catapults content into the stratosphere of success! When it comes to social media, this rule has never rung so true. By nature, getting attention on social media is highly dependent on time. News feeds are changing constantly as more and more content gets pushed from all directions.

How can marketers possibly know what the best time of day is to post their content? There are a variety of factors to consider—platform, time of day, time zone, audience occupations, content type, content information and more. But if you’re looking for general times, here’s a roundup of the best.

Best Times to Post

No two social media sites are used in the same way, so anticipate varying “best times” to post.

Graphic representing the best times to post on social media. 

Make it Personal

Each audience is different, so these general times may not be applicable for your audience. If your target audience is teenagers to college-aged students, anticipate more activity in the late afternoon and early evening, as these are times when they are likely to be out of class and more active in the cybersphere. If you are targeting individuals with 9-to-5 jobs, early morning, afternoon (lunchtime) and “rush hour” (5pm – 6pm) may be ideal. But to truly get the most pairs of eyes on your content, we recommend individualizing your time posting schedule.

To determine your best posting times, post for a month or two and utilize Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram insights to determine when your users are most active on each platform. Most active times are likely to vary, because each segment of your audience utilizes different social platforms and at different times based on personal preference, occupation, lifestyle and other factors. But even then there will be variations to these “rules”: During significant national or international events, creating real-time content will help it be consumed at a higher rate.

As B2B marketers, it’s our job to collect data that will support and enhance our creative efforts. Using this information to optimize your social media content will surely get you more traction than posting on a whim. Ready to start maximizing your communication with others? Contact paragraphs today.

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