Social Media Analytics that Work for B2B—Consumption Metrics

Social Media Analytics that Work for B2B—Consumption Metrics

How do users engage with your content?

Consumption data is the most basic and fundamental metric in the social media analytics toolbox. It’s also one of the easiest to track because it measures how many people are viewing your content and how deeply they are engaged.

Common consumption metrics include the number of page views, clicks on links, downloads and the like. Comparing different consumption metrics can offer insights into the quality of user engagement in your social media marketing strategy.

For example, from a pool of users who open an email newsletter, a certain percentage of more interested users will click on a link to a landing page, and a percentage of these might download a free report or make a purchase. Consumption data is easily derived from Google Analytics and similar tools.

While there’s a good deal of value in consumption data, especially when measuring objectives related to traffic volume, it commonly ends up being the only category organizations track. That’s a lot like measuring how many units of a product you’re selling without gathering any information about who’s buying it, where they shop, and what factors they consider when comparing your product to the competition.

For a more complete understanding of how your campaigns are performing, we recommend a broader approach that includes one or more other categories of metrics. We’ll cover three other types of social analytics in the next few weeks.

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