Social Media Analytics that Work for B2B—Lead Generation Metrics

Social Media Analytics that Work for B2B—Lead Generation Metrics

You can lead your customers, but will they follow?

In this blog series we are looking at four social media metrics that work for B2B companies. We’re already covered consumption metrics, or how users engage with your content, and sharing metrics, or how often users share your content with others. The third metric up for review is lead generation metrics.

The basic statistic this category measures is how often “social media consumers” turn into live leads. Lead generation metrics can also help you determine what kinds of leads you’re getting and whether those leads are members of your target audience.

Lead generation metrics are particularly valuable for determining what impact your social media marketing efforts are generating. If certain types of content consistently drive more leads, you’ll have a pretty good idea about topics to feature in future posts. Lead generation numbers can also alert you to upcoming trends or suggest alternate markets for your offering — especially if you start seeing strong engagement patterns from users who don’t fit your target profiles.

Social media lead generation is very simple to monitor if you require free registration to read, watch or download content. Online lead forms can measure engagement by determining how many people accessed the form immediately after consuming your content.

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