Social Media Analytics that Work for B2B—Sharing Metrics

Social Media Analytics that Work for B2B—Sharing Metrics

Great content = shareable content.

In this blog series we are looking at four social media metrics that work for B2B companies. The first metric we looked at were consumption metrics, or how users engage with your content. Next up: sharing metrics.

Sharing metrics track how often your users pass your content on to others. The more relevant your content, the more likely it is to be shared with others in your target audience with whom you’ve had no prior contact. “Going viral” is the holy grail of sharing metrics.

Shares can be measured by publicly-displayed data such as the iconic like, retweets, and shares on LinkedIn or Google+. One of the best ways to follow these numbers is a Google Analytics tool called Social Reports, which combines diverse sharing data into a single place, making it easy to track, compare and analyze. Ensure your Google Webmaster is synced with your Google Analytics for the most accurate reports.

Sharing metrics are directly impacted by how easy it is to see and use the sharing widgets in your content. Improving the visibility and easy of use of these widgets is a good first step when developing strategies for sharing objectives.

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