Marketing Strategy: The Why & How of Spring Cleaning

Marketing Strategy: The Why & How of Spring Cleaning

Keep your brand fresh by reviewing your marketing strategies.

Ah, Spring! It’s a time traditionally associated with growth, rebirth and that age-old ritual, Spring Cleaning. As far as we’re concerned, there are few better feelings than that sense of renewal associated with decluttering, reevaluating and implementing new plans, especially when it comes to marketing strategy.

Adjusting your marketing strategy is a difficult and often time consuming task, but it’s a necessary step toward growth for any business. Consumers expect engaging, timely experiences with your brand, and accomplishing this means taking a few steps to get the best results from your marketing. Here are 3 tips on how to Spring clean your marketing strategy.

Update Your Content Marketing Strategy

Manager Tools diversified their content marketing by creating an award-winning podcast.

You are probably already investing time and money in content marketing, and if you’re not, now is the time to start! While content marketing is still a reliable way to make your company’s presence known, the web is so saturated with content that it’s become very difficult to get your material in front of the right people. Combat this saturation with creativity. Can you start a podcast? Perhaps nobody in your niche is doing live streaming seminars? Online content is becoming a game of diversification, so get out there and find some new digital mediums to reach your target audience. Management consulting company Management Tools did this successfully by creating a popular podcast that covers all aspects of being a great manager. They’ve earned 1.4 million downloads on iTunes and have won the People’s Choice Podcast Award multiple times.

Maybe you’ve had some success with your current content marketing already. Since you’re spring cleaning, why not take it to a new level? Start up a newsletter to drive even more traffic to your content and keep your audience up to date. Perhaps you’ve put together an excellent guide on an industry topic–try offering a free download of it in exchange for a potential customer’s email address. Whatever you decide to do, aim to be better than your competition.

Revisit Your Social Media Presence

Whether your business is in its infancy or a well established authority, your social media presence needs to be on point. Take this time to perform a social media audit. Here are some quick things you can get done right away:

  • Ensure branding efforts are consistent across all platforms
  • Update your passwords
  • Update your profiles
  • Address any bad reviews that you may have ignored

It’s also pertinent to take this time and evaluate what is missing from your social media strategy, what’s working and what isn’t. Maybe your Facebook and Twitter accounts are in great standing and bringing in business, but you just can’t seem to get traction on your Pinterest account. It may be time to kill it and concentrate on vamping up what’s already working. Start utilizing video if you haven’t already. Determine what your most successful content has been over the last year and use that information to give your audience more of what they want. Social media is a great digital space to show off your company’s ingenuity and creativity, so don’t put off Spring Cleaning your platforms for long.

Refocus Your SEO


Having a strong presence on search engine result pages (SERPs) is the backbone of many businesses. SEO is hard work that requires a lot of research, time and patience. Audit your SEO efforts by determining where your site is ranking, what’s bringing in the most traffic, and where you can optimize for better results. Are you ranking for the keywords you set out to rank for? Great. Do some additional keyword research and see what’s trending and come up with a plan to rank. Your goal should be to understand what new questions searchers are looking for answers to and answer those questions in the most relevant way. It’s also a good idea to go through your aging content and breathe some new life into it. Try re-optimizing a couple of blog posts or update them with new information if they are outdated.

SEO also includes the health of your website. Make sure you have no broken links, that your speed is up to par and that all your pages are in good condition and indexed by search engines. Is your robots.txt blocking any pages from being crawled by search bots? Is your sitemap submitted? Do you have any spammy backlinks? Checking into all these factors will help you maintain a healthy website and web presence.

“Spring Clean” Your Marketing Today

If you’ve put off revamping your current marketing strategy, take this opportunity to spring into action. All these things are a lot to take on, but don’t forget that Paragraphs is here to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Ready for a Spring renewal? Contact Paragraphs today.

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