Spring: A Natural Mood and Brand Enhancer

Spring: A Natural Mood and Brand Enhancer

Spring means revival—and that can apply to your brand.

There is something about the arrival of spring that makes everything feel new…and more ALIVE! The world seems to crackle with possibilities and our senses spring to life. The grays of winter are supplanted by vibrant colors: a bright blue sky, deep green grass and the emerging pinks, purples and yellows of springtime flowers. Especially in Chicago, where we’re yearning to emerge from under the oppressive blanket of winter and shake off a season-long slumber—spring truly offers a chance for reawakening and rebirth.

A Time to Emerge

Look around and what do you see? People are spending more time out and about. They’re eager for new things to see, learn, do and experience. Even their appearances are rapidly changing. Woolen hats have been removed to reveal new hairstyles and hair colors. Heavy coats and long jackets have been replaced by more lightweight blends and bright prints. Like the proverbial caterpillar turning into a butterfly, shedding a tired outer layer can give you (and your brand!) wings!

Freshen Your Brand

How can you harness the inspiration and annual rites of spring to make your brand fresh and new? Perhaps a bit of a spring cleaning of your marketing department is in order. Would you benefit from a messaging makeover or a brand new campaign that would help your marketing vehicles really sing? Or maybe a redesign of some tired sales materials would help breath new life into your revenue streams? One thing’s for sure: Get out there and stretch those marketing muscles this spring if you want to be fit for summer!

Start with a deep, cleansing breath…AHHHHH!!


Rachel Radtke

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