Hints to Keep the Launch of a New Product or Service Successful

Hints to Keep the Launch of a New Product or Service Successful

Keep the fire burning long after your product launch.

So you’ve launched your product or service in the B2B market. The launch went amazing. There was traction. There were new relationships established, purchases and contracts. Now the question is—how do you keep the marketing of the product and/or service fresh? How do you keep the customer excited? Some companies have mastered the science of releasing products and services.  They raise awareness, maintain suspense, and provide innovation, all necessary elements of a successful release and launch.

A Good Foundation

They say that a good salesperson can sell anything, but it’s a lot easier to start with a product or service that they truly believe can be a success.  Making sure you’re actually filling some sort of niche in the market or significantly increasing the efficacy of an already practiced service is a key way to determine if your service really has the ability to dominate the marketplace.

Talk About Its Effects

You can tell people how you’ve improved or added to your services all you want, but it will mean virtually nothing to them if they don’t know how it will impact their business directly.  Clearly inform customers of your product and service features and explain their significance to ensure strong understanding. 

Build the Hype

Give customers just enough information so that they’re interested in your product or service without giving everything away.  For customers to truly appreciate your service, they need to experience it themselves.  Allowing too much access to the product or service prior to sale can result in a dip in excitement that can cost you money.

Host a Launch Event

What type of event you host obviously depends on the size and scale of your company, but any launch event, no matter how small, can be a huge incentive for customers to attend the event and support your business. Launch events are a great way to show loyal customers that you care about their business, as well as show employees that their time and efforts are valued by those at the top.  Hosting an event also sends the message that your service is so momentously important and revolutionary that it is, in fact, deserving of such an affair.

To get a better idea of how to launch a new product or service, we invite you to look for patterns in launches by successful companies and how they attempt to build excitement and awareness surrounding their new services and thus, their brand.

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