Show customers your green efforts by being transparent.

With the increasing awareness of all sustainable social issues—community unrest, education, poverty, environment and more—conveying yourself as a sustainable business and following through with that pledge is more important than ever. Whereas some only view sustainability as an added bonus quality for a company to have, some customers won’t even patronize businesses that they deem unsustainable. There are many ways in which you can run a sustainable company and many ways that you can prove that to the public.  Commissioning a regular sustainability report will speak volumes about your company’s commitment to sharing with your stakeholders how important you feel sustainability is and what you are doing about ensuring you address all aspects.

What Is a Sustainability Report?

The Global Sustainability Initiative defines a sustainability report as a report published by a company or organization concerning the economic, environmental and social impacts of its everyday activities. It also displays an organization’s governance model, and speaks of its values. Keep in mind, however, that a sustainability report does not speak to the financial status of a business. The way it measures success is by other factors, such as commitment to the environment, to the community and social responsibility.

What Is Its Significance?

Commissioning a sustainability report demonstrates your business’ values, namely your commitment, to perpetuating a sustainable global economy. It can also help others measure the success of your company, as well as help you take stock of what may need to change. Having a report that easily measures the success of different aspects of your business lays out what may need improving.

Why Do You Need One?

A sustainability report is just one way to increase your company’s transparency. When people decide to work with you, trust is their primary concern. Regardless of the type of business you run, your customers need to trust that you’re giving them fair pricing, that you’re doing all you can for them, and that you are not misrepresenting yourself in any way. Many companies may try to brand themselves as sustainable, but their sustainability reports would show otherwise… If they put out a sustainability report in the first place. Failing to conduct a report may send the message to potential customers that you have something to hide, which definitely does not serve to win their trust.

Telling your sustainability story through an official sustainability report is invaluable, not only for the future of your business, but for the future of our collective community. For more information on sustainability reporting and what it can do for your business, consult Paragraphs.

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