Trending in Marketing: Augmented Reality

Trending in Marketing: Augmented Reality

Consider adding augmented reality to your marketing initiatives.

At the beginning of March, I was fortunate enough to attend an event presented by Illumedia that focused around the possibilities Augmented Reality can provide, as well as how it is being implemented within our lives. Moderated by Troy Hitch, I listened to three very intelligent panelists speak on various points of how developers are looking to Augmented Reality to not only entice consumers, but to also improve the way we conduct our daily lives.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, Augmented Reality is the ability to impose a digital element upon what the human eye is actually viewing.  In a way, this (relatively) new technology breaks down so many barriers between imagination and actuality.

The third Panelist shared two great examples of Augmented Reality: the Amazing Spiderman Augmented Reality App, as well as the American Apparel App.

During the Q&A portion of the event, I asked a very common question: “Does the need to download the app shy consumers away from getting to the Augmented Reality experience?” As everyone agreed, there is a bit of a wall for consumers to climb over, in terms of having to download the app (wait for it to download) before even engaging in the AR experience. To solve this, the three panelists all agreed that a QR Code (assuming that most people have a QR Scanner now) is the best call to action to lead the consumer to the app/download.  However, in terms of the future, an interesting point was brought up that it is expected for smart phones to eventually have the AR technology built into the respective operating systems — making it much easier to experience an Augmented Reality App. This provides a whole new world of exploration for digital designers, as AR technology is becoming more and more popular among mobile games and location-based applications. We are now able to take anyone with a smart phone or tablet, and immerse him or her into a digital experience at any time. This is all very exciting!

Paragraphs’ work with augmented reality software

Paragraphs has already begun working with Augmented Reality software, most notably when we designed a tradeshow experience around AR technology for SAGENT Pharmaceuticals. Combining education and animation, we were able to captivate audiences and introduce them to the SAGENT brand in an unexpected way.

Although Augmented Reality is still a relatively new concept, you have actually been using this software for a long time now. Have you ever opened up Apple’s Photobooth and dressed yourself in various costumes, transporting to life under the sea? That, my friend, is Augmented Reality.

Much like mobile Internet, mobile tablets, and talk-to-text technology…Augmented Reality is the latest technological development for consumers, that we can all expect to see as a standard software feature among many advertising campaigns, as well as lifestyle apps.

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