Turning Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Turning Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Your employees are your best brand advocates.

A strong brand equals greater opportunity. The more connected people feel to a brand, the more willing they are to spend top dollar for the brand’s services. Creating a strong brand has other benefits, too. Top brands attract the best talent and influencers in an industry- quite valuable assets for any company. How can brands build up their strength? Traditionally, marketing departments were solely responsible for a brand’s image and reputation, but the winds are changing. Today, one of a company’s strongest assets when it comes to branding is their employees. Employees are on the front lines of business and are considered by outside sources as the most trustworthy and honest representation of a brand, so encouraging employees to be brand ambassadors is one of the best things that can happen to a brand.

Create a Connection

Employees that feel connected to the company’s brand are the best employees you can work with. Their work performance will be top notch and they are more likely to stay at the company for the long haul. Creating that spark of connection between your employees and your brand depends on some basic core values. Allow your employees to grow personally and express their ideas in their work. Encourage them to find and express their personal identity rather than subscribe to a strict corporate culture. When employees are able to grow personally and express themselves, their overall happiness improves, and happy employees make fantastic brand ambassadors.

Promote Awareness

In order to be excellent brand ambassadors, employees must be aware of what their company represents. What are the company’s goals and values? How is the company unique and what makes it better than its competitors? Every employee should be able to answer these questions. This doesn’t mean implementing a rigid adherence to a mission statement, it means allowing your people to inject their personal views and unique characteristics into the brand while maintaining its core values. This will allow them to compliment your brand and give it a freshness that is invaluable.

Encourage Social Media

Encourage your team to use social media to promote the company culture and brand. By following the two steps above, this should come pretty naturally. If employees love their work environment and feel personally fulfilled, they should share it with the world. People will take note, and want to be associated with such a great brand. Create shareable moments during work hours- go on company outings, participate in team building exercises, reward good work with fun office activities, etc. It will go a long way toward company morale and your team will want to share how awesome their job is.

Marketing alone is only a part of creating a strong brand. Be aware of how valuable an asset your team is for marketing and branding and capitalize on it. Your employees will be proud to know how integral a part they play in achieving company goals and everyone will reap the rewards. Encouraging employees to be brand ambassadors is a win-win for everyone involved. For online marketing, if you are looking for a great place to learn SEO, check out this resource.

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