Web Design Trends in 2016

Web Design Trends in 2016

What has been popular for websites in 2016.

Innovations in web design are often born out of necessity. Websites need to reflect changes in not only design, but user friendliness, as well. For instance, the need for responsive websites has led to a decrease in the integration of resizing, scrolling, and panning on sites. Good aesthetic design innovations have user experience at their core, making sites cleaner and improving navigation and speed. Let’s take a look at some web design trends that have taken off in 2016.


Screen capture from Pinterest

Cards were first made popular by social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and, most notably, Pinterest. They benefit users by putting all the most important information at the forefront in a clean and minimal format. Added bonus? Cards are super easy to share across social media platforms.

Hamburger Menus

Example of a hamburger menu

Placing navigation pages under a hamburger menu has aesthetic appeal, and we’ve seen a big increase in this type of design in 2016. Hamburger menus offer clean design and free up space for other elements on a page, however, they do have some drawbacks that should be considered before implementation; they could negatively affect user experience by making navigation pages difficult to discover. While this type of design is gaining familiarity, for now it has proven harmful to sites that depend on high levels of page views; we’re talking heavy content sites like news and e-commerce sites.

Flat Design

Example of minimalist design

Flat design was HUGE in 2016, and we don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon. Flat website design uses minimal stylistic elements, 2D illustrations and crisp lines, and concentrates on simplicity and minimalism. It rejects flashiness at all costs without coming off as boring or stale. What’s great about flat design is that it lends itself exceptionally well to how humans take in and retain information. Clean lines and the emphasis of the most useful information makes for fantastic user experience.

Stylized Typography

Video example of stylized typography

The use of highly stylized fonts has been taking off in 2016. We’re on board for this trend because it’s a chance to show off a brand’s personality and to stand out from the crowd. As screen resolutions and load speeds continue to improve, we expect to see more and more stylized typography across the web.

High-Definition Visuals

Example of a high definition visual. Image is of a metal engine.

Touching again on the fact that screen resolutions and load speeds are increasing, we have seen an increase in the use of HD design. Users expect to see exceptional visuals on websites, especially when it comes to physical products. Additionally, adding an HD video or photo gallery can increase the time users spend on your site.  Hero images, or images that take up the entire background of a site are also gaining popularity and can be a great addition to a clean, minimalist site.

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